Cassandra C. Jones

Artist Statement
Cassandra C. Jones is a remix artist who collects thousands of other people's photographs, in both print and digital form.  She then organizes them in various ways [via video, collage or installation] that tell stories about human observation and the power of photographic imagery in our snap-happy contemporary lifestyles.  The results are strange, transformative and often poetic collages that are meticulously arranged to illustrate woven patterns, reimagined wildlife, floral arrangements and geometric shapes.

Good Cheer Wallpaper
Wallpaper Installation: site specific.
Good Cheer is an installation of wallpaper that is composed of found snapshot photographs of cheerleaders performing routine stunts that flaunt their briefs. This type of photograph, a young girl in uniform with one leg up in the air, has a dual connotation of family values and pornography all in one image. Good Cheer surrounds the viewer in this paradox of ethical ambiguity.