Soo Sunny Park

“My work challenges the boundaries between sculpture, installation, and drawing.”

Park’s work reconfigures and redefines aspects of different mediums to construct pieces which fall in between them. Her sculptures are drawings, her drawings are sculptures, and her installations are a combination of both. Her materials are chosen for their liminal quality, manipulated to explore what lies between inside and outside, sculpture and drawing, vision and perception, and objects and their shadows. Her recent work incorporates light as an essential material, through which elements such as projection, reflection, and shadows travel.

In her solo exhibition at Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in June 2016, Hybrid Objects, Park explores the space between two and three dimensions through work which takes elements from both drawing and sculpture to create new forms. Park uses sculptural materials such as sheetrock, plastic, window screens, and egg cartons, to create the lines and flat patterns fundamental to drawing, while incorporating sculpting techniques such as gouging, puncturing, cutting, and polishing in her mark making. The resulting pieces are a hybrid of the two genres: two-dimensional pieces which engage the physical space by shifting as the viewer moves and changes perspective. Conversely, she uses drawing tools such as projection, shadow, and translucency, in her sculptures. Light acts as a medium in all of her work, adding structural elements to each piece.