Richard Keen

“My abstractions always begin from observation. Whether from the sea as a diver, the landscape as an explorer, or from boats as a source of inspiration, some final works reveal direct connections to my experiences while the origins of others are more disguised. I filter which elements of my experiences are brought into focus by removing unnecessary detail, often simplifying the world into line, shape, color, and texture. My studio practice is driven by paint and involves working on several pieces and series simultaneously. My creative process provides me with multiple options for solving problems and constant avenues for dialogue between my various series of work.”–Richard Keen

Form Singularity Series is rooted in a minimalist, reductive approach to painting. The shapes in these paintings are based on keels, rudders and other structural components of boats; often accompanied by references to horizon lines and water.

Richard Keen (b. 1971, Pennsylvania) is a contemporary abstract artist who works in a variety of media, including painting, murals, and sculpture. He has shown in numerous New England solo and group exhibitions at the University of Maine Museum of Art, Elizabeth Moss Gallery, The Painting Center, New York, Gallery 49, Simon Gallery, and Barrett Art Center, among others. Keen has been featured in Art New England, Boston Voyager Magazine, Portland Herald Press, and Maine Home and Design.