Natalia Wróbel

“In my paintings, I create portals into liminal realms beyond our physical world. I reference ancient architecture, elements from nature, and neural networks to elicit imagined, meditative pseudo-landscapes. I am deeply inspired by mindfulness and the gravity underlying simple, everyday moments and am fascinated by quantum physics as the groundwork for universal truths and a proposed proof of the interconnectedness of all things. My work examines this coexistence of opposing forces as a metaphor for the endurance and adaptability of the human spirit. Painting for me is a moving meditation, a way to enter ‘kairos,’ or the “time in between.” I dive into this sublime flow state of suspended time, also referred to as the “supreme moment,” to translate my boundless kinetic energy into the canvas.”

Wróbel studied art at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, US, the New York Studio School, and the Lorenzo de'Medici Institute in Florence. Her paintings are featured in private collections around the world and have been on view at Art Fairs including Art Basel: Miami, Art South Hampton, and Texas Contemporary. She received the New York Studio School Mercedes Matter Fellowship in 2012, and the Murray Art Prize in 2015. In 2016, her painting was selected for inclusion at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Auction. In 2017, Wrobel completed a painting residency at the Berlin Art Institute, and her work was selected for inclusion in the MassArts auction. Wrobel's work is represented by Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston, MA. She currently lives and works in Cambridge, MA.


We Are All Made of Light, 2018
Oil on canvas
96 x 320 in.
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