Lisa Foster


Lisa Foster combines painting and textiles into two-dimensional works that explore the lives of women through the configuration of their bodies. She uses the lines of the human figure to create unexpected shapes within and between her subjects. Her use of quilt fabrics as something that is solidly built and two-dimensional inverts the typical applications of textile, transforming something decorative into a striking fine art medium.  

"I am acting out scenes and narratives with my body. I am using the emotive nature of the female form to reflect and project the act of existence in every specific instance that whispers to me: through my life, the people around me, those I read, watch, and dream about or wish existed. My paintings are performance pieces captured as stills and converted into acrylic and reproduction quilting fabrics. I like shaping space, like Serra. The leg becomes the line rather than the line of the leg being the line. In my simplified compositions, I am looking to create a sort of symbol, or character as in an alphabet. My work is a language of the female experience."  - Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster works from her home studio in Longmeadow, MA. Foster has attended studio and academic courses at several schools including Georgetown University, Boston College, Harvard, and Tufts University. Her work has been shown in Boston, New York, Hartford, and Western Mass.