Clint Baclawski

“I am always experimenting with methods, formats, and materials that push photography to its limits. My most recent work using light bulbs, break those limits altogether. Drawing inspiration from the pioneering spirit of the California Light and Space movement, these works move the medium into newly deconstructed ground beyond the tradition and constraints of a photographic frame. Light itself is reconfigured. The bulb becomes the medium. The photographic image takes an unexpected form like the stanzas of a sonnet or the sequencing of notes in a music composition. The scale of my work compels the viewer to engage with the rhythm of this sequence. Leaning in to observe a detail – the image dissipates, dissolves, contracts, reveals a portion of itself then expands and coalesces once again with distance and the walk along the length of its illuminated landscape. The act of walking has become an integral part of my process.” - Clint Baclawski

Clint Baclawski (b. 1981, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania) is a contemporary artist working with photography, technology, light, and space. His solo exhibition locations include San Luis Obispo, California; St. Louis, Missouri; Boston, Massachusetts; Edinburgh, Scotland; and group shows at the Chelsea Art Museum, Danforth Museum, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, San Diego Art Institute, The Jen Bekman Gallery, and the University College Falmouth in England. His work is included in private and institutional collections. Baclawski has been featured in FRAME magazine, The Boston Globe, The Creator’s Project, Boston Home magazine, Designboom, and The Collector’s Guide to New Art Photography Volume II. Clint’s studio is located in Boston’s South End.