Artist Spotlight: Keenan Derby

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is open!

Keenan Derby photographed with his work.

Today we are highlighting Atlanta native, Keenan Derby, one of the three emerging artists currently on view. Derby received his BFA in 2009 at the Maryland Institute College of Art.  He went on to get his MFA from Boston University College of Fine Arts, where we first discovered his work. He specializes in painting with acrylic, sand, and oil, made on both large and small scale. According to an interview with BU Today, Derby described his paintings as “…moments that hold a specific emotional filter processed through my own interior world.”

Keenan creates highly textured pieces that invite contemplation and thought. His larger works take up to four months to complete, he uses a variety of techniques to apply the mixed-media to the surface. The under layers are often bright and vibrant, but are masked by later layers that only allow small amounts of the original color to show through. Each viewer interprets Keenan's work differently, inviting a broad audience to decipher and translate the paintings from their own point of view. 

Derby currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where he continues to paint. 

Zoomed in views from left to right: Perturbed Orbit (2015), Atmospheric River (2014), Magnetic Meridian II (2015) 


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