6 Art Instagrams You Should Be Following

Instagram is a fantastic resource to keep yourself constantly updated on the art scene. Here are six Instagrams we love:

1. @ArtCube

An excellent source for new contemporary artists, ArtCube will keep you updated on emerging artists, and what you can look forward to at upcoming art fairs.



2. @DarkroomBoston

Darkroom is a Boston organization dedicated to making photography accessible and affordable, showcasing pop-up photography exhibits all over Boston. Their Instagram is a wonderful collection of contemporary photography, as well as a way to keep an eye out for where Darkroom exhibits will be popping up next.



3. @Drawbertson

Fine artist and dad, Donald Robertson will keep you entertained with great photos of his in-progress and completed work, as well as his adorable twin boys getting into mischief.  #BuyThemNothing!


4. @LeonKeer

Leon Keer’s street art brings the 2D medium right into the third dimension, using perspective to create paintings that literally pop out of the street. His Instagram is a great way to do a double take while scrolling down your feed.



5. @Natalia_Wrobel_Art

Natalia Wrobel's Instagram is a beautiful peek into the life of a Boston-area painter. This Cambridge-based artist presents a great mix of studio, gallery, and fun, and gives us a sneak peek at what we have to look forward to in her April duo show.


6. A tie between @MFABoston and @ICABoston

If you’re looking for contemporary art in the Boston area, the ICA and MFA should absolutely be on your follow list. Their Instagram accounts keep up-to-date on the work they’re featuring, including snapshots of exhibits and studio visits with their artists. 


And if you’re not following us already, be sure to keep updated with @AbigailOgilvy on Instagram!



Wednesday, February 3, 2016: Puloma Ghosh

Artist Spotlight: Straw-k

In 2012, Alexandra Singer-Bieder met Sofia Bennani while studying architecture at the Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris. Bound together by their passion for architecture & the arts, they began collaborating on this innovate process using straws in the construction of shapes. And Straw-k was born! 

Straw-k'Art takes plastic drinking straws and melts them together to create a variation of sculptures. The sculptures are meant to be viewed from all sides, allowing light to hit it from all different angles. Each Straw-k'Art is hand made, hand cut and hand melted which creates unique forms.

According to the duo’s artist statement: “Today we should use new technologies to manufacture our ideas while still keeping the singularity of the craftsman work. Even though we are all buying the same things in our daily life, we are always seeking for something different, original and personal.” 

Photo courtesy of Straw-k Instagram 

Photo courtesy of Straw-k Instagram 

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is currently featuring two of the Mini Pandas, Mini Panda Purple Eyes (2015) and Mini Panda Yellow Eyes (2015). Each are composed of 3,600 straws and are 10.2” x 10.6” x 3.1”. In January, the gallery will be showing a larger body of their work in a duo show with another artist of ours, Sara Galkin. 

We found Straw-k through the power of social media, stumbling across their Instagram this past July through a simple search of #contemporaryart. Our owner Abigail says, “I fell in love with their work right away. They are innovative, smart, and high energy. I am very interested in process, and Straw-k is a new approach that redefines how we view sculpture. We are thrilled to work with this cutting-edge artist duo.” Sofia and Alex do a great job of marketing their work and updating their social pages, which made it easy to connect with them abroad.  



Wednesday, November 18, 2015: Lacy Tell