5 Upcoming Art Events in Boston

1.   Art Affair

Image courtesy of Alpha Gallery and BADA

Image courtesy of Alpha Gallery and BADA

Where: Adelson Galleries Boston
When: Thursday, March 30, 6-8PM
Cost: Free

Boston Art Dealers Association collaborates to bring you an exhibition from eleven galleries under one roof.  


2.   Boston LGBT Film Festival  

Image courtesy of the ICA Boston

Image courtesy of the ICA Boston

Where: The Institute of Contemporary Art
When: Thursday, March 30, 8PM
Cost: $26 for members + students / $30 for nonmemebers

Returning for it’s 33rd edition, The Boston LGBT Film Festival returns to the ICA celebrating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community with a screening of Signature Move.

3.  Caron Tabb at Newton Open Studios  

A Home Called A House, Caron Tabb, Mixed-media on canvas

Where: Newton Open Studios, 859 Washington Street, Newton, MA 02459
When: April 1-2, 11AM-5PM
Cost: Free

Cindy Cuba Clements, Adrienne Shishko, and Caron Tabb invite you to visit their PopUprising open studio.

4.   MassArt Auction Preview Evening with MA-NMWA

Where: Massachusetts College or Art and Design
When:  Wednesday, April 5, 6-8PM

Cost: $30 for members / $50 for nonmembers (Buy tickets here)

Join MA-NMWA (Massachusetts Chapter of The National Museum of Women in the Arts) for a unique evening to preview art works to be offered in the MassArt Auction on April 8th.

Photo courtesy of https://massart.edu/auction

Photo courtesy of https://massart.edu/auction

5.   MassArt Auction

Where: Massachusetts College or Art and Design
When: Saturday, April 8, 6:30 PM
Cost: Varied by ticket (MassArt Auction Tickets)

Celebrate the 28th MassArt Auction with a live and silent auction, cocktails and more. Proceeds go to scholarship aid and academic program support.

Artist Spotlight: Caron Tabb

Hollow Through My Core  (2015) Acrylic and charcoal on canvas 48 × 30 in

Hollow Through My Core (2015)
Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
48 × 30 in

Caron Tabb’s paintings are born from a continuous stream of energy, flowing from her emotional core, through her body, and onto the canvas. Each piece is a series of choices—technique, material, color, line—which come together in an emotive composition that elicits a unique visceral response from each viewer

Tabb sees the canvas is a fluctuating, enduring surface. She compares it to the hair she lost in overcoming cancer as a teenager: something that can be regrown, reimagined, and reclaimed again and again as she paints. Her canvas has the ability to take in everything she throws at it, and transform her raw feelings into something productive and beautiful.

Having studied fashion design, Tabb brings an openness to alternative materials into her work. She explores a number of techniques, many of which incorporate natural, eco-friendly materials. She has been recently experimenting with rust dyeing, a technique in which the oxidization of rust transfers over to paper or fabric using tannins. Tea, wine, vinegar, even ocean water, can all be used to transfer rust in unexpected ways, imparting the soft, earthy colors of patina.

“I have a great appreciation for what elements do to materials,” Tabb explained. “The wind, the water, the rain, rust—you almost capture a moment in time. You never know what you’re going to find.”

Window of Tolerance  Pastel, acrylic and charcoal on paper

Window of Tolerance
Pastel, acrylic and charcoal on paper

Tabb’s paintings all, in a way, carry that theme of capture. She works with her canvas on the floor, moving around it with her entire body to make bold marks. She captures movement, time, and above all, the mental and emotional state of the artist at that specific time—something that she will never experience in quite the same way again. That is the part of the magnetism of her work: it draws something out of its audience that is familiar, and yet impossible to experience again in any other context.

Many of her pieces have specific context for herself as well. “Window of Tolerance”, for instance, is everything about a loved one who was suffering from severe depression several years ago, and the process they went through together in coping with it. It refers to the psychological term “window of tolerance”, which teaches people who suffer from deep-seated negative thinking to expand their capacity to tolerate such feelings. Instead of being consumed, they work through these thoughts—expand their window of tolerance for them.

To Tabb, this open conversation about mental and emotional health is important in her work. She allows her paintings to display these concerns in plain sight to be understood and accepted. As these concerns evolve, and her relationship with them shifts, her paintings change along with it.

“He’s doing great by the way,” Tabb breaks a smile after this difficult conversation. “Which, by the way, is the reason why there’s so much more color in my work now.”

Caron Tabb's studio in Newton, MA

Caron Tabb's studio in Newton, MA

Caron Tabb’s work is above all, about being fearless. Fearless about her techniques and her materials, fearless about where her process will take her and what she will discover along the way, and fearless about how much of herself is laid out within it. This assertive approach is what allows her to create identifiable work that the viewer can respond to.

“There’s no downside to being bold. I just go, and there’s something very liberating about that. I feel like I’m just getting going, like I’ve just begun to peel away from the surface.”

Be sure to experience Caron Tabb’s recent work in Abigail Ogilvy Gallery’s summer group show, The Tides, opening Thursday, July 14, 2016.


Wednesday, June 22: Puloma Ghosh