Art Fair Guide: NYC March 2018

As winter is leaving and spring is around the corner, New York City is getting ready to host their annual art fairs spanning from March 7 - March 11, 2018. Here are just a few you should be sure to check out:

The Armory Show 2018:
The Armory Show is a four day long event that will be featuring 193 galleries from 31 countries. This is the biggest art show in New York; with artwork that ranges from historical masterpieces to the latest 20th-and 21st-century contemporary art. Boston's very own Jen Mergel is one of the curators this year, along with Gabriel Ritter (Minneapolis Institute of Art) and Naomi Beckwith (MCA Chicago). Make sure to arrive early in the day and wear your comfortable shoes, the line to get into this fair is known to be two hours or longer as the day progresses! 

Location: Piers 92 & 94, 711 12th Avenue at 55th Street, NY



NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance):
The New Art Dealers Alliances’ 2018 show is another fantastic annual fair that focuses on supporting and advancing new voices in contemporary art. The fair is known for the wide variety of artwork, from emerging to more established galleries. We always enjoy the NADA Projects section of the fair, where you can discover and support new galleries - most have been operating for less than five years. The diversity of the artwork in this fair lends itself to the snap-happy social mediites looking for notable finds.

Location: Skylight Clarkson Sq, at 550 Washington St, NY

Volta 2017: Alex Gardner paintings at  Taubert Contemporary

Volta 2017: Alex Gardner paintings at Taubert Contemporary

VOLTA NY will showcases solo exhibitions by established and emerging international artists. This is one of our favorite fairs to attend because each booth offers a cohesive body of work by a single artist, allowing the gallery to showcase a thematic booth - unlike the more chaotic spread of artworks you might find at the other fairs. Their goal is to attract both new and seasoned collectors alike through this more approachable format of solo booths.

Location: Pier 90, 711 12th Avenue at West 50th Street, NY

Spring/Break Art Show:
Spring/Break Art Show will be presenting their 2018 show titled “Stranger Comes to Town” with artwork that showcases foreignness, migration, assimilation, and the articulation of Them or Us incorporated into their artwork. Andrew Gori and Ambre Kelly founded the art fair in 2009, and since then it has become one of the top fairs to attend during art fair week. Known for the well-curated, thought-provoking rooms that tell a story beyond the artworks that surround you. By including new and established curators, the fair lends itself to a unique and interesting experience each year.


Our Top 5 at NADA

The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to the support, cultivation, and advancement of new contemporary art. They lead two art fairs a year, in New York and Miami, working to make art accessible and fostering community among artists, gallerists, and collectors. Here are our top 5 booths in NADA New York, 2016:

1. Galerie Sébastien Bertrand

Galerie Sébastien Bertrand was founded in 2007 and is an industrial harborside space located in Geneva, Switzerland, representing mostly emerging international artists. Their gallery focuses on figurative representation and the re-contextualization of signs and imagery.

Notable Piece: A Magnificent Forgetting (2016)

Oil paint, urethane, parsley, piercing, wood plinth

Oil paint, urethane, parsley, piercing, wood plinth

Chloe Wise

Chloe Wise is a Canadian-born, New York-based contemporary artist whose work explores themes of eroticism and excess. Her work includes the nude figure juxtaposed with fruits and vegetables, and hyper-realistic sculptures of food made primarily from wood and urethane.


2. Edel Assanti

Close up: Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Close up: Oil, acrylic and spray paint on canvas

Edel Assanti is located in London, England, and features international artists from the US, throughout Europe, to Japan, with exhibitions including a variety of media. It is currently exhibiting a solo show by American artist Andrew Sutherland, and Amsterdam-based Pim Blokker.

Notable Piece: Lemonade (2016)

Dale Lewis

Dale Lewis is a painter educated and working in the UK. His large, panoramic paintings are a grotesque but humorous examination of hedonistic subcultures. His work references classic art pieces, recreating their compositions in this erotic and chaotic context.  


3. Signal Gallery

Signal Gallery is an independently-minded Bushwick gallery founded in 2012 that exhibits emerging contemporary artists, focused on solo shows, site-specific projects, and performances.

Notable Piece: Source: Claude Glass (2016)

Virtual Reality

Rachel Rossin

Rachel Rossin was one of a handful of artists to explore the medium of virtual reality at NADA. Her work references well-known video games such as Call of Duty, which are cultural staples of the modern generation. Immersed in an Oculus Rift headset, the viewer encounters deconstructed ghosts from familiar video games, suspended in a surreal, unstable landscape.


4. Proyectos Ultravioleta

Proyectos Ultravioleta is an experimental gallery founded in 2009, located in Guatemala City. It is a multifaceted initiative which goes beyond typical gallery functions, hosting not only contemporary art exhibitions, but also multidisciplinary projects, concerts, discussions, and public interventions.

Notable piece: Rhythm of Palm II (2014)

Oil on canvas Image Courtesy of

Oil on canvas
Image Courtesy of

Akira Ikezoe

Akira Ikezoe is a Japan-trained, Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist whose work ranges from drawing and painting to video and performance. Ikezoe's paintings present the human figure as the canvas peeking out from his bright painted backgrounds. Despite the neat, calculated compositions of his paintings, Ikezoe is able to convey the whimsical discord of human struggle.


5. Regina Rex

Foam, Cement, Glass, and Metal

Foam, Cement, Glass, and Metal

Regina Rex is an artist-run New York gallery founded in in 2010, and recently relocated to the Lower East Side in 2014. It represents new American artists and aims to build an exhibition context that is driven by their engagement and dialogue with other artists.

Notable Piece: Sculptures by Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy

Dave Hardy is a sculptor that creates works out of glass, foam, metal, and cement melded together in unique, precarious-looking compositions. His cement infused sponges look soft and malleable despite being hardened, dissected with glass and metal while still wet. The result confronts concepts of fragility and interaction, both in his work and in ourselves.





Saturday, May 14: Puloma Ghosh

4 New York Art Fairs Happening This Weekend

Art Fairs are a decades old tradition that act as a hub for the contemporary art world. They facilitate important conversations between every facet of the art world, bringing together artists, gallerists, collectors, critics, and enthusiasts in one space. Whether you’ve spent a life time involved in fine arts, or you’re just beginning to explore it, art fairs will be central to experiencing what’s happening in contemporary art today. Art fairs are happening in major cities across the globe, but Boston locals don’t have to travel far for some of the world’s premier art fair experiences.

The spring months are a major art fair season in New York City, which is host to several fairs every year. Here are four must-see New York art fairs that you still have time to catch this this coming weekend, May 5 – 8, 2016.

1.     Frieze New York

Frieze began as a magazine founded in the early 90’s, which quickly became a leading source of contemporary arts and culture. In 2003, Frieze launched its first art fair in London’s Regent’s Park. After the success of the fair in London, in 2012 Freize launched its New York chapter, which has since become known for the quality and range of the work it presents. Visit Randall’s Island Park in Manhattan this weekend to experience the work of some of the world’s leading artists.

Image Courtesy of Frieze.Com

Image Courtesy of Frieze.Com


2.     New Art Dealers Association Fair

The New Art Dealers Assocation (NADA) is a non-profit arts organization founded in 2002 which is dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the contemporary arts sphere and enhancing its interaction with the public. The NADA art fair supports strong new and emerging artists and galleries, nurturing their growth and helping create opportunities for them move forward with their work. Visit NADA’s fifth edition in Basketball City, Manhattan, this weekend  to see what’s new in contemporary art, which will include SoWa’s own Samsøn Gallery.

3.     Art New York

Art New York is the New York chapter of the successful contemporary fair, Art Miami, which began in the renowned Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida. Art (Miami) New York takes emerging to the next level, presenting never-before exhibited works from both primary and secondary markets. Visit its 2016 edition in Piers 92/95 on the Hudson River this weekend for the freshest finds in contemporary art, including New York and SoWa’s Adelson Galleries.

Dangerous Love , 2015 Federico Uribe Adelson Galleries Bullet shells 38 × 20 × 17 in   

Dangerous Love, 2015
Federico Uribe
Adelson Galleries
Bullet shells
38 × 20 × 17 in



4.     Collective Design Fair

Collective Design is a design-centric art fair that presents work beyond the fine arts sphere. It hosts diverse global voices and experts in the design community, including designers, architects, gallerists, and collectors. Founded by architect Steven Learner, Collective Design facilitates conversation about the design process and explores what today’s material culture has to offer. Visit Skylight Clarkson Square in New York City to discover the latest in design thinking and innovation. 

Image Courtesy of ArtNews

Image Courtesy of ArtNews


Wednesday May 4, 2016: Puloma Ghosh

My First Fair: IFPDA Print Fair

by Lacy Tell

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the IFPDA Print Fair at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

Mel Bochner, "Chuckle", 2015, Monotype print

Mel Bochner, "Chuckle", 2015, Monotype print

For over 25 years, the International Fine Print Dealers Association hosts this event to promote prints of original works to be sold to collectors, curators, and art fanatics. This year, 89 galleries from across the country had booths set up where they were selling their prints to the public. It was exciting to see two Boston based galleries present at the fair, Childs Gallery and Barbara Krakow Gallery. A general admission ticket was $20. The event ran from Thursday, November 5 to Sunday, November 8.  

Chuck Close, "Self-Portrait II", 2010, Oil on Canvas 

Chuck Close, "Self-Portrait II", 2010, Oil on Canvas 

I was overwhelmed with excitement when I walked into the doors of the fair. It was very crowded, filled with art enthusiasts such as myself. My personal favorite were Pace Prints, New York and Two Palms, New York. I could not take my eyes off of Pace’s self-portrait of Chuck Close. It is intensely realistic for an oil on canvas. I felt like I was looking at a photograph. I was also drawn to the prints by Mel Bochner. He is able to incorporate a connection to language and the visual art world.  

I enjoyed this print fair in particular because there were a broad range of prices that were approachable to even a new collector. The fair had prints that ranged from under $1,000 to over $1 Million, as reported by Artsy. This further establishes our belief that anyone should be able to access art.  


Wednesday, November 11, 2015: Lacy Tell