Exhibitions To See: April in SoWa

The beginning of Spring has brought opportunities to view exhibitions throughout the SoWa Art & Design District. With many shows running through mid to late April, make sure to visit and see what's currently on view! 

1. A R E A

In their third exhibition, AREA presents an exciting group show, Simulacrum. A multi-media exhibition, Simulacrum explores "the boundary between programmed life and the real world," the artists transform the natural world into technology.

460 C Harrison Ave, Boston MA

2. Gallery Kayafas

On view at Gallery Kayafas through April 21st are two photographers, Yoav Horesh's Serene Oasis and Shawn Bush's A Golden State. Both artists document "places that have promised a better life..." with beautiful, large format photographs. Horesh explores life in Tel Aviv and Bush in California. 

450 Harrison Ave, No. 37 Boston MA

Serene Oasis; A Golden State at   Gallery Kayafas

Serene Oasis; A Golden State at Gallery Kayafas

3. Gold Gallery

Currently on view at Gold Gallery is The Overview Effect by artist Jeremy Paul Schilling. Schilling explores "the human psyche and internal conflicts which dwell within it." This exhibition in particular focuses on astronauts and space and offers an interesting viewpoint into the conflicts it explores.

460C Harrison Ave, Ste 18, Boston MA

The Overview Effect  at Gold Gallery

The Overview Effect at Gold Gallery

4. Lanoue Gallery

From March 2nd through April 14th, Lanoue Gallery features artists Karine Léger, Jeremy Holmes, and Irene Mamiye. Léger and Holmes' pieces can be found on the main floor of the gallery. Make sure to head downstairs to see Mamiye's pigment prints on canvas!

450 Harrison Ave, No. 31, Boston MA

 Karine Léger's  Recent Works  at Lanoue Gallery

 Karine Léger's Recent Works at Lanoue Gallery

5. Soprafina Gallery

Soprafina is currently exhibiting Rose Umerlik's Anatomy - New Paintings, which will run from April 6th through April 28th. In this body of work, Umerlik is "interpreting the interconnectedness of family, relationships, our hearts and minds." The organic nature of Umerlik's paintings  are enticing and definitely something to see!

55 Thayer Street, Boston MA

Anatomy - New Paintings  at Soprafina Gallery

Anatomy - New Paintings at Soprafina Gallery

6. Rafius Fane Gallery

Rise, artworks by Laura Battle, explore themes from a recent visit by the artist to India. Inspired by observatories, Battle creates paintings and drawings in response to these experiences, which creates a great experience for viewers. This exhibition will be on view from March 2nd through April 14th.

460C Harrison Ave, Boston MA

Rise  at Rafius Fane Gallery

Rise at Rafius Fane Gallery

7. Kabinett

On view from April 6th through June 30th is a duo show titled "Unreal Estate." Featuring paintings by artists Jeff Quinn and Doug Henders, this show "explores the boundaries between what is real and unreal." The show provides an interesting visual look into this concept of "real" and "unreal." 

450 Harrison Ave, No. 29, Boston MA

Unreal Estate  at Kabinett

Unreal Estate at Kabinett