Top 6 Apps In the Art World

Apps are used for almost anything these days, from entertainment purposes - music, travel, and shopping - to accomplishing daily tasks - navigation, banking, and news.  In the art world, it's often hard to find a piece you love or learn more about a specific gallery. These 6 apps are the top apps for navigating galleries, artists, and artworks with just a tap of your screen. 


Screenshot via Artsy

Artsy’s mission is “to make all the world’s art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.”  They work with over 4,000 galleries and 600 museums/institutions.  With over 250,000 artworks for sale their app allows you to discover new art and artists, buy and bid on artworks, follow artists, and speak with art advisors.  Check out our current shows and artists: Abigail Ogilvy Gallery


Browse through a wide variety of artworks from numerous galleries and place desired artwork directly on your wall.

It's as simple as taking a photo of your empty wall space where you are considering hanging art, and then choosing an artwork and virtually placing it on you wall.  If you would like more information on a specific piece for purchase, the app can direct you to the gallery’s website.

Screenshot via Curate app

Screenshot via Seek Fine Art app

SFA - Seek Fine Art

Seek Fine Art is a location-based search engine allowing you to “search fine art by gallery, location, artists or art style”(via SFA).   SFA’s app is also a great way to discover new art galleries and artworks in your area.  Check out our current shows and artists: Abigail Ogilvy Gallery


Screenshot via Artspace

ArtSpace is a resource for all to discover and purchase contemporary art.  They make browsing through thousands of artworks accessible as artworks are organized by artist, gallery, price, or medium.  Detailed information regarding the artwork and artist is provided as well. Use their View in My Room feature to virtually project the artwork you like on your wall.   


Magnus is popular new app that makes art accessible to everyone.  According to a recent New York TImes article, their aim is “to provide access to the art market and democratize it and hopefully enlarge it.” 

With more than eight million gallery and auction prices compiled, use your mobile device to take a photo of an artwork and instantly the app reveals all information of the artwork, including the price.  Magnus also has a map to help you navigate through the art world; listing information on current showings and helping you discover new art spots within your area.   

Though Magnus is only available in New York, London, and Berlin, keep an eye out because it will be expanding to other areas soon.

Screenshot via Magnus


Invaluable is an online marketplace in which auction houses and galleries use to connect clients to fine art, antiques, and collectibles.  By using their app, you can browse auction items, bid in real-time, and manage your bids.

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