Art Money: A New Way to Start Your Collection Now

Pictured:  The Sweetness of Life  (2016)  Natalia Wróbel . Oil on Canvas. 35 x 45 in.

Pictured: The Sweetness of Life (2016)
Natalia Wróbel. Oil on Canvas. 35 x 45 in.

When you find that piece on the far wall of a gallery exhibition, or tucked into a booth at an art fair–the one that you connect with immediately, that takes your breath away for a moment. It's hard to walk away from it after seeing the price. Maybe you say to yourself, walking back to it several times before finally leaving, That will be mine someday. Maybe not today, but someday.

There is no dollar sign before the true value of art. You shouldn't have to put off an opportunity to own something which you connect with so uniquely. So don't.

Art Money is the new way to take that piece home the moment you know that it is meant to be yours. Art Money offers interest-free loans to purchase art without having to pay its value upfront, because they believe that money should not prevent someone from the immediate experience of owning and enjoying art.

Once you've found a piece you want to acquire, Art Money offers an easy loan application process, and requires only 10% upfront deposit. Through the 9-month payment plan, the buyer is free to take home and install the piece, even before the full amount has been paid.

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is pleased to announce its partnership with Art Money. We believe that buying art should be easy and affordable, and that fine art should be accessible to everyone.

For more information about applying to Art Money, visit their website: