Austin Eddy

What makes a good painting? This question is at the forefront of Austin Eddy’s exploration and experimentation. Through the tools of abstraction and other historical painting languages, he breaks down qualitative aspects of painting and questions the validity of “seriousness.” He finds answers to this question by making paintings though play. From his singular and personal experience, he deconstructs and synthesizes information, creating a hybridized personal painting vernacular. This process produces semi-representational works that convey emotions and energies of situations and individuals; the paintings have been broken down to the basic building blocks of each story or thing being portrayed.  The works function most successfully when they extend beyond the surface and create a more harmonious and trans-formative visual experience. Because of this, more recently his work has taken him down unexpected paths, whether large-scale paintings, works on paper, or sculpture.

Austin Eddy was born in Boston, MA (USA) in 1986 and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He received a BFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Select recent exhibitions include: Fresh Windows Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (2018), SetUp 2018 Art Fair, Cellar Contemporary (Italy), Abigail Ogilvy Gallery, Boston, MA (2018), Ampersand Gallery in Portland, OR (2018), David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX (2017), Dallas Art Fair (2017), Code Art Fair, Bendixen Contemporary Art. Copenhagen, DK. (2016), Agnes B. Gallerie, Paris, FR (2016), and Left Field Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2015). He recently completed the Liquitex International Residency in London, England (2018). Austin Eddy is the founder and curator of EDDYSROOM, a nomadic curatorial project launched in 2015.