VOLTA New York Art Fair
March 6-10, 2019

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery will feature the work of Austin Eddy in a solo booth at VOLTA New York art fair during Armory week.

PIER 90: 12th Avenue (at West 50th Street), New York, NY 10019
Booth A17

Thursday, March 7, 12 – 8 PM
Friday, March 8, 12 – 8 PM
Saturday, March 9, 12 – 8 PM
Sunday, March 10, 12 – 5 PM

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is proud to present the work of Austin Eddy in a solo booth at VOLTA NEW YORK art fair during Armory week. Austin Eddy is an abstract painter currently working in Brooklyn, NY. Eddy uses mixed-media elements to create vibrant, geometric assemblages that are often sculptural, but typically in the form of a painting.

What makes a good painting? This question is at the forefront of his exploration and experimentation. Through the tools of abstraction and other historical painting languages, he breaks down qualitative aspects of painting and questions the validity of “seriousness.” He finds answers to this question by making paintings though play. From his singular and personal experience, he deconstructs and synthesizes information, creating a hybridized personal painting vernacular. This process produces semi-representational works that convey emotions and energies of situations and individuals, the paintings have been broken down to the basic building blocks of each story or thing being portrayed. The works function most successfully when they extend beyond the surface and create a more harmonious and trans-formative visual experience. Because of this, more recently his work has taken him down unexpected paths, whether large-scale paintings, works on paper, or sculpture.

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