Safarani Sisters

There are moments that are beautiful, strange and wonderful. The beauty of them is not easy to be seen and recognized, for that one should have knowledge, imagination and sensitiveness.

These two media painting and video are trying to create that beautiful, provocative and evocative moment which embodies feelings. This moment depict a narrative in which the time floats. It dose not pass. It remains in the mind of the viewer and then it returns to the first moment again and again. (A woman enters the room where there is another woman sitting, then she starts sawing and sawing).
Time exist in a world that is unreal, somewhere that belongs to magical realism. This world could be a dream, a fiction, and a fantasy image of oneself.

Our works are trying to create a new world from the perspective of humans who live in this magical world and experience a different reality from the one that we call objective. If there is a ghost-like figure or object in the painting or video, that is not a fantasy element but a manifestation of reality of that world. This kind of magical realistic world depicts the real world of those of us whose reality is different from others.

It is a reality in which the meaning is unclear (The viewer cannot tell if there is only one woman in the painting or two? Are they the same or not? Is one the sprit? An alter ego? ). This reality depicts an unclear moment and a motion (video part of the paintings) in which there is life. In fact what we are trying to depict is not to depict the story that we start to paint with. Although we have a story, we are not illustrating the narration and story. We are trying to make that clear story unclear but still make it the same story for us (choosing ourselves as main characters and having the black cloth in all of our paintings and videos). We are trying to subvert the painted narrative by creating many layers of special ambiguity (a woman is looking into herself in a mirror then she starts to get away from herself, the image in the mirrors gets away while the figure woman is still there) through which the audience is psychologically challenged in a moment that is always absence; absence of time, absence of conscious, absence of reality, absence of beliefs.

To do less is what we always consider. Indoor and empty rooms in our painting point to the world of the character who is trying to think about only one thing, about herself.