Nicole Patel

Courtesy of Nicole Patel, filmed by Matt Johnson

Nicole Patel’s artwork is at once minimal and nuanced. Her geometric grids explore elements of drawing and design through textile. She winds one or two threads in muted colors across the clean, off-white surface of each piece, rooted with precisely placed nails on the back of the canvas. She works with only organic, sustainable medium. Patel sees the full potential of raw materials, without the irreversible alterations of cutting, coloring, and marking. Her pieces can all be disassembled and reassembled limitlessly. The resulting work is a meticulous arrangement of line and space.  Rather than being a concentrated experience, Patel’s work fills the room with a presence. It acts as an anchor for the viewer, like the steady breaths of meditation, allowing us to gain a new vantage point for observation and acceptance. 

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