Lisa A. Foster

Lisa A. Foster combines painting and textiles into two-dimensional works that explore the lives of women through the configuration of their bodies. She uses the lines of the human figure to create unexpected shapes within and between her subjects. Her use of quilt fabrics as something that is solidly built and two-dimensional inverts the typical applications of textile, transforming something decorative into a striking fine art medium. 

"I am making shapes on canvas, but my shapes are self-portaits and my paints, reproduction quilting fabrics. I am using fabrics  not to decorate but to make something solid like rubber, poured paint or steel. I do not consider my work collage. I like shaping space, like Serra. The leg becomes the line rather than the line of the leg being the line. I want the shape to exist without the human. I developed Dissociative Identity Disorder as a child. D.I.D. and trauma have allowed me a unique relationship with myself. I get to explore this in my work.  My art is an important part of my interaction with myself and with the world. There is enormous freedom and ownership of expression by filling the rolls both of creator and subject. I feel autonomous in my work in a manner I do not experience elsewhere in life. At one level it is as though I am creating my own universe for just my self to inhabit. Female self portraiture can serve as a window into our society and it's gender dynamics. I feel I am telling the story of the female body, the lives of women, not just my own.  I have found my voice in my naked body; nudity is always political. I am a painter of the color field tradition. I am specimen, I am spectacle, I am object, but I am not too." - Lisa Foster

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