John Tabor Jacobson
Jacobson is a Providence-based artist on the forefront of an inventive new medium. His practice begins with peeling years of accumulated graffiti paint straight off the walls and repurposing them. His completed work takes these salvaged pieces and rearranges them into new compositions, detailed with layers of color chipping and peeling into each other. Each piece is an abstract conglomeration of color, texture, and history–an homage to street art in a fine art context. John Tabor Jacobson received his B.A. form Rhode Island School of Design and has since participated in several artist residencies, including Penland and the Anderson Art Center Ranch. He has shown in galleries throughout the northeast, including The Candita Clayton Gallery in Pawtucket, RI and The Avenue Concept in Providence, RI. 

"Many of my decisions are based upon my history of mark making and painting but I use my on going research into graffiti technique and styles to inspire my paintings. Often I would do the opposite of what a graffiti artist would find cool. This was not out of disrespect but rather an homage. I utilize contradiction in my art work quite often." -JTJ

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Todd Pavlisko
Currently represented by galleries in NYC and Boston, Pavlisko has work in private collections throughout the country as well as top museums - including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. His "tag" pieces are made of thousands of clothing tags, placed one by one onto the canvas. These can be commissioned to any word of your liking, or a portrait piece. Todd has been featured at Art Fairs internationally, and is someone I highly suggest having in a personal art collection.

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Juan Trevieso
Currently living and working in Miami, FL. Juan began as a true street artist, his commissioned murals are located throughout the country, and he most recently signed on to create over a dozen new murals both within the U.S. and in Europe. He has been featured by Forbes and Huffington Post, among many other news outlets. His work is about to be very hard to access with his most recent collaboration with Nespresso, he is the featured artist for their upcoming designs. He is early enough in his career that he still is reasonably priced, but his work has been considered a smart investment. Right now his only available pieces are listed in the price sheet.

Juan Trevieso Price Sheet

Paul Rousso
A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Paul Rousso attended the Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio. Rousso’s spent time after in New York City, where he found work as a member of an interior design team drawing plans for the home of Robert De Niro. After completing his B.F.A. in 1981 at California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, Rousso was hired by Warner Brothers as a scenic painter for films. He went on to serve as an art director and illustrator for Revlon, Clairol, Condé Nast, and Bloomingdale’s before becoming a full-time artist. For more than 25 years, Paul Rousso’s work has been regularly exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States.

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John Yoyogi Fortes
Born in a taxi on Yoyogi Street in Tokyo, Japan, John Yoyogi Fortes is a Northern California painter based in Sacramento. His paintings are often large scale explorations of self that lean towards a whimsical, dark and obscure world. Fortes’s paintings have been exhibited in California, Nevada, Chicago, New York, Hawaii, Venezuela, Japan and Norway, and are held in numerous private collections, as well as, the Asian American Art Centre in New York, the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno and the Triton Museum of Art and Crocker Art Museum in California. His work was included in the International Arts & Artists traveling exhibition, “Infinite Mirror; Images of American Identity.”  The exhibit opened at Syracuse University in New York and traveled to museums and universities throughout the Eastern United States.

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Julio Alan Lepez
Julio Alan Lepez graduated from the National School of Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón in 1997. He has been the subject of solo and group exhibitions internationally, including at Museo Municipal de Arte in La Plata, Argentina, Centro Cultural de España in Mexico City, Centro Cultural Recoletta in Buenos Aires, Artemisa Gallery in New York, and Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London. Working in painting, drawing, and collage, Lepez transforms unorthodox materials to create images of fantasy surrounding the human form. Destabilizing the softness of his painterly brush strokes and meticulously drawn lines, he depicts his subjects on striking cut-out board. The portraits gentle color and suggestions of form are juxtaposed with the crisp silhouettes of the complete image. Bold in outline and form, the shapes and shadows on the wall play with and against the figures they portray. Lepez explores the limitations of the wall itself as a background for art as the cut outs evade the limits of conventional foundation, making it nearly impossible to define and encompass the characters’ entirety. 

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Sumin Son
Sumin Son is a South Korean artist who is exhibiting for the first time in the United States currently. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in South Korea, he received the Deagu Grand Art Award Exhibition - Special Award, Young-nam Grand Art Award Exhibition and Kyung-buk Grand Art Award Exhibition. The works are collected by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Korean Art, Deagu Green Cable Television Station etc.

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Jorge Pineda
Jorge Pineda's work spans a number of disciplines ranging from installation to video art, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Influenced by his architecture studies, his drawings of a simple but forceful stroke are freighted with social criticism and irony. Through a peculiar and distinctive drawing style, using mostly pens -Bic, Pilot or Paper Mate- he criticizes the political and social world that surrounds us. His observations on the human condition, always from a satirical and even absurd point of view, make us reflect on that constantly threatened world of childhood. In 2008, he integrates the collective Quintapata along with artists Belkis Ramírez, Pascal Meccariello and Raquel Paiewonsky, their main goal is to increase the international visibility of Dominican art. Their goal of visibility can be considered accomplished in 2013, when they exhibited the video installation DNA at the Venice Biennale. 

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John Brosio
Brosio is in top private collections around the country, including that of Star Wars producer, JJ Abrams, who owns two of his artworks. Learning under the guidance of artists such as Wayne Thiebaud and Richard Bunkall, Brosio was seduced away from his original aspirations toward a career in film and movie special effects, consequently, cinematic influences are apparent in his work. Known originally for his depictions of tornadoes, Brosio spent three seasons "storm chasing" out of Texas and will often go to such extreme measures in pursuit of familiarity with any of his chosen subject matter.