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Click to view the 2015-2016 yearbook

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Abigail Ogilvy Gallery
460C Harrison Avenue, #C7
Boston, MA 02118

Although there is only one name on the front door, there are so many people who have been a part of this journey who I cannot thank enough for the endless support that has come in all forms. Friends have showed up to events and openings, followers on social media supporting through likes and shares, new clients recognizing the talent in our artists, and most importantly - the artists themselves. Our artists inspire me every day to teach, grow, and develop our space in order to foster lifelong careers and strengthen the arts community around us.

The process of opening the gallery came with many hurdles and unexpected paths, but I am constantly grateful for the wonderful people around me who helped turn my vision into a reality. I have found partners and friends along the way who have jumped at the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

Our gallery team has become a family. We are small which means we have to work hard and efficiently in order to succeed. I am constantly proud of my team’s innovative ideas, quick work, and how they are always teaching me new things that in turn make me a better leader.

The excitement in the air before each show is tangible. There are so many reasons why I feel so passionately the gallery: the pride on an artist’s face when they see their life’s work on the walls, the client emails thanking us for providing their home with the finishing touch of art, watching my interns and part-time employees move on to full time jobs in other areas in the arts, and much more. I can only hope the overall impact of the gallery can reach far beyond Boston and touch lives around the world.

Thank you for being a part of it.

Abigail Ogilvy, Director
Abigail Ogilvy Gallery