Elisa Adams

Elisa Adams’ works is about the beauty in life. There is so much that is “wrong” with the world, and her work allows space for joy and delight, and what is “right” with the world. She believes we need more of the positive reinforcements, and viewing art can be a way.

“Taking on working with stone is full of challenges. Stones have a reality of their own. Their colorations, opacities and shapes influence me as to what I will create. I enjoy the contemplation of what is in the stone, to actually hammering and chiseling it out, and roughly filing. Watching the process unfold and seeing the piece emerge is the most exciting. Finishing the piece by hand sanding is a balance between tedium and appreciation of the richness of the stone, which is exposed as it becomes smoother.”

"The creative process is an exciting mystery to me. Beyond the time that I have my hands on the stone, the whole process from the inspiration of the piece to completion of what I want to accomplish can take weeks, months or even a couple years, before I know I am done. It is a meditation. Through art, my extroverted and introverted energies achieve a more satisfying balance. My hope is that in experiencing my pieces, that balance will be passed on to the viewer."

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