Caron Tabb

Caron Tabb’s paintings are born from a continuous stream of energy, flowing from her emotional core, through her body, and onto the canvas. Each piece is a series of choices—technique, material, color, line—which come together in an emotive composition that elicits a unique visceral response from each viewer. 

Tabb sees the canvas as a fluctuating, enduring surface. She compares it to the hair she lost in overcoming cancer as a teenager: something that can be regrown, reimagined, and reclaimed again and again as she paints. Her canvas has the ability to take in everything she throws at it, and transform her raw feelings into something productive and beautiful.

Tabb’s abstract paintings are fluid and expressive, with bold marks created using various techniques and materials. She captures movement, time, and above all, the mental and emotional state of the artist at that specific moment—something that she will never experience in quite the same way again. This is the part of the magnetism of her work: it draws something out of its audience that is familiar, and yet impossible to experience again in any other context. Tabb’s work has been featured in galleries and private collections throughout New England.

Puloma Ghosh — Assistant Director, Abigail Ogilvy Gallery

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